Malware Trends and Tactics: 3 Things Companies Need To Do

Posted by Hugh Docherty on Fri, Aug 28, '15

Gary Warner, Malcovery's Chief Technologist, recently presented findings from our 2015 Q2 Malware Trends and Tactics report. The second quarter is notable for the diversity of campaigns that were observed. It's clear that there are more actors in the space, and many are experimenting with various crime tools in a variety of short-lived campaigns.

Malcovery produced 540 reports during the second quarter related to email-based malware and phishing attacks. In each case, Malcovery's analyst team dissected the campaign to uncover how it was designed to penetrate your network perimeter. Every report contains a confirmed set of domains, hosts, and artifacts associated with the campaign. Given the variety of payload malware and downloaded applications observed and the number of new hosts and domains supporting the malware attack, it is more important than ever to act quickly on indicators provided by threat intelligence services.

There are 3 things that companies need to do based on this analysis.

  1. Automate consumption of threat intelligence.
  2. Beware of Microsoft Office attachments.
  3. Review how your team is using third party file sharing services.
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Alert! Alert! But then what?

Posted by Hugh Docherty on Thu, May 21, '15

Gary Warner from Malcovery Security and Wendy Nather of 451 Research recently hosted a webinar: Using Contextual Threat Intelligence to Improve Incident Response. With some assistance from a very “animated” CISO, Gary and Wendy reviewed the challenges facing these teams today.  Here we provide an overview of some key points of part two of the webinar. 

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Defining Threat Intelligence at RSA Conference

Posted by Hugh Docherty on Mon, May 4, '15

35,000 people and 500 exhibitors trekked to the RSA_booth_medMoscone Center in San Francisco to learn, share, commiserate, and strategize about the latest challenges and solutions to cyber threats facing companies of all sizes. The 2015 RSA Conference was the biggest yet (compare to 15,000 attendees and 300 exhibitors in 2007) and much of the action happens on the Expo floor which burst out of Moscone South in 2013 and has since squeezed the keynote speakers out of Moscone North. The Expo is crowded with booths of all sizes and vendors of every type. It’s a collage of banners, signs, and collateral and is abuzz with demos, presentations, and evangelists. 

Threat intelligence has been a hot topic in the sector for the past few years and was a major part of the discussion again this year. And like other technologies, 

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